Monday, July 25, 2005

Braeden's first post

Braeden has entered the world of blogging! Now we have a place to share everything that is Braeden with the people who love him, no matter where they may be.

So, to catch you up on what Braeden has been up to...He's got two teeth, the bottom front two teeth came in around the end of June. He's starting to sit up on his own using his hands to support himself. And for the most part he hates to be on his back. We put him to sleep on his back, but he rolls over almost immediately onto his stomach.

What's new in Braeden's world? He's discovered our cats...he loves them! When he catches a glimpse of one, he smiles and tracks it with his eyes. Tilloo, the stupid one, will lay down next to Braeden on the floor and gingerly put up with getting his hair and whiskers pulled. Braeden pets the cat (petting=swatting and hitting) and tries to stuff the cat's hair in his mouth. Hudson won't go near Braeden, which makes him the smarter cat.

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G-mama said...

Braeden's mother also loved cats when she was little (we had 2, Petie and Smidgie). And we think Tilloo isn't stupid, he's just very patient with Little Boy Braeden!