Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Happy Baby eats sweet potatoes

Tonight was the trial run of the Happy Baby Food Grinder. We microwaved a sweet potato then peeled it and put the chunks through the grinder. It worked like magic! In fact, it worked just like the playdoh spaghetti maker that both Mat and I remembered having as kids!!

To make it the right consistency, I mixed the potato with a little apple juice and a little water. Braeden loved it! It was a little thicker than out of the jar which made dinner time much neater!

We took pictures and I'll get them up as soon as I can. We also bought carrots and I'll get a butternut squash Friday when we go to the Bi-Lo. We also need an ice cube tray so that we can freeze cubes of happy baby food.


G-mama said...

yeah! Another satisfied customer and the photo of Braeden eating, holding his foot is very cute! In the background we can see the happy baby food grinder and it looks exactly the same as the one we had for Braeden's mother!

Melissa said...

I thought you'd like that picture! Mat thought I was crazy, staging the grinder in the background but I knew you'd want to see it. One sweet potato will probably cover four feedings. I'm looking forward to cooking some carrots this weekend. I think those might be more watery than the potato.