Thursday, July 28, 2005

Serious Faces

I took this photo last night after Braeden's bath because I thought it was cute that father and son matched in green striped shirts (well, one shirt, one onesie anyway). And don't they look so serious?

Braeden's got a little cold so he's been coughing and sniffling yesterday and today. Most of the babies at day care are sick so we were expecting him to get it too. Hopefully he won't spread it to us, or at least that we won't get very sick this time around.

We tried putting Braeden in his new play pen this morning while we got ready for work but he just kept crying. He was too tired, so we put him in his car seat and he fell right asleep. Too cute! We'll try the play pen again tomorrow morning and hopefully he'll do better.


G-mama said...

Wow, Little Boy Braeden looks bigger! Good for him. Hope he gets over the cold and you all stay healthy!

Melissa said...

This morning we tried putting Braeden in the pack and play again. And again he just cried. He wasn't interested in any of the toys we gave him, he just looked at us like why are you doing this to me??

We'll keep trying and hopefully he'll like it by the time we go to the beach!