Friday, August 26, 2005

Creams, Lotions, and Fat

Mat took Braeden to the doctor this morning to check out a rash on his back...which turned out to be a mild case of exzcema. She prescribed a mild sterroid cream to treat the flare-ups and suggested we start using lotion twice a day because she thought his skin seemed dry. Since I love moisturizers this won't be a hassle!

Since he was at the doctor's, they put him on the scale. He's gained half a pound since his weigh-in last week!! 18 pounds 2 ounces...the doctor was very pleased with his weight gain and his overall attitude--happy happy happy! She almost can't believe he's the same baby that struggled to gain weight when he was just a couple months old.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sitting Pretty

Technically Braeden has been able to sit up since he was about 6 1/2 months. But we finally feel like he's doing it consistently and doing it well! In fact, he can now go from laying on his tummy to sitting upright all on his own. And if he has a toy (like the keys) to chew on, he's happy as a clam to sit there just like he is in the photo. He's still a little top-heavy and sometimes just tips over. Smiling the whole time. :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Big Weigh-in

We were curious, so this morning Mat took the little boy to the doctor's for a weigh-in.

17 pounds 10 ounces

At his last appointment on July 5, he weighed in at 15 pounds 13 ounces. In 6 weeks he's gained almost 2 pounds. You really notice the extra weight when you carry him around for a while. But at the same time he's more solid and controls his head and torso better which helps to make it easier to carry him for longer periods of time.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Closer and Closer

Braeden's been doing so well this week!! He did manage to make his mother sick...again...third time in three months! Aside from that, he's getting closer to crawling. He still gets up on his hands and knees, then moves his knees forward (sometimes one at a time, and sometimes in tandem). He hasn't figured out how to move his hands forward though. So he usually flops forward onto his belly making several inches of forward progress. Then repeats the same trick until he gets where he wanted to go. He's getting really, REALLY fast too!

Everything still goes directly into his mouth so it's crucial that we watch him very closely to avoid accidental ingestion of flip-flops, cat toys, phone antennas, and other thoroughly useful but Braeden-unfriendly items!

I promise to post a new picture soon's been too long!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Today is Wednesday

Is this a crawling day? I was just reliving those little movie clips of Braeden "almost crawling" and wanted to wish him well on his adventures as a creepy crawler kid! Love from G-mama

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Poor baby

Yesterday when we picked Braeden up from day care he had a temperature of 101.5; today his temp got as high as 102. And he's been cranky and fussy all day. If it's not better any better tomorrow he's going to have to go to the doctor. Think good thoughts for him!!

Monday, August 8, 2005

Braeden rocks!

I'm sorry it's been so long since Braeden posted anything's not that he isn't learning new things or showing off new skills, it's more that his mother just hasn't had a chance to put them down in writing.

In addition to doing push-ups, Braeden has figured out how to put his knees down. So now he can get into position to crawl! All he does now, once he gets there, is rock back and forth. From what I've read, though, that's the first step...maybe he'll be crawling this month! He loves getting into that position and he definitely wants to move. He tries to get somewhere, but he usually just falls forward. And actually, he's pretty good at moving backwards! But he still scoots forward on his tummy or rolls over to get to a toy he wants.

I wish I could post video on the site, but it looks like that's not a possibility. Sorry!

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Thanks for the mail

Thank you to Braeden for sending me that article about Krispy Kremes. I studied it and I think we are going to stay in as investors for a while longer -- that way when I come down to visit you, I can buy more donuts for us! xfrom P-pa

Thursday, August 4, 2005

A pool day for sure

Good morning Little Braeden Boy and what a good pool day it will be! Tell your Dad to take you to the kiddie pool form some push-ups and then some swimming this afternoon! xG-mama

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

That blanket is very familiar!

For those of you who don't know or remember, that Raggedy Andy and Ann blanket that Braeden is doing his push-ups on was his mother's when she just a little baby -- a gift from Grandma Potter!

Monday, August 1, 2005

Braeden's new trick

He isn't the best at sitting up but he might be the only baby to do push-ups at almost seven months old! This is Braeden's new trick...he probably got up like this about 12 times Sunday while he was playing on the floor. He gets up in this position for about 5 seconds, then drops back to his tummy. After a few deep breaths he pushes himself back up again. He can't look around while he does it, but I hope he'll think to put his knees down next. And maybe that will lead to crawling!