Friday, August 19, 2005

The Big Weigh-in

We were curious, so this morning Mat took the little boy to the doctor's for a weigh-in.

17 pounds 10 ounces

At his last appointment on July 5, he weighed in at 15 pounds 13 ounces. In 6 weeks he's gained almost 2 pounds. You really notice the extra weight when you carry him around for a while. But at the same time he's more solid and controls his head and torso better which helps to make it easier to carry him for longer periods of time.

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G-mama said...

Wow, good boy Braeden! Just by looking at you and knowing how smart and alert you are, we know you are out of the woods now! Your mother should look in that little blue doctor book I gave her to compare weights with you!

And keep up the good progress across the carpets! One day soon you'll move one hard forward in conjuction with advancing one knee and that will be the start of something fun for you!! xG-mama