Monday, August 8, 2005

Braeden rocks!

I'm sorry it's been so long since Braeden posted anything's not that he isn't learning new things or showing off new skills, it's more that his mother just hasn't had a chance to put them down in writing.

In addition to doing push-ups, Braeden has figured out how to put his knees down. So now he can get into position to crawl! All he does now, once he gets there, is rock back and forth. From what I've read, though, that's the first step...maybe he'll be crawling this month! He loves getting into that position and he definitely wants to move. He tries to get somewhere, but he usually just falls forward. And actually, he's pretty good at moving backwards! But he still scoots forward on his tummy or rolls over to get to a toy he wants.

I wish I could post video on the site, but it looks like that's not a possibility. Sorry!

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G-mama said...

Yippee, crawling can't be far away!