Thursday, August 18, 2005

Closer and Closer

Braeden's been doing so well this week!! He did manage to make his mother sick...again...third time in three months! Aside from that, he's getting closer to crawling. He still gets up on his hands and knees, then moves his knees forward (sometimes one at a time, and sometimes in tandem). He hasn't figured out how to move his hands forward though. So he usually flops forward onto his belly making several inches of forward progress. Then repeats the same trick until he gets where he wanted to go. He's getting really, REALLY fast too!

Everything still goes directly into his mouth so it's crucial that we watch him very closely to avoid accidental ingestion of flip-flops, cat toys, phone antennas, and other thoroughly useful but Braeden-unfriendly items!

I promise to post a new picture soon's been too long!

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