Friday, August 26, 2005

Creams, Lotions, and Fat

Mat took Braeden to the doctor this morning to check out a rash on his back...which turned out to be a mild case of exzcema. She prescribed a mild sterroid cream to treat the flare-ups and suggested we start using lotion twice a day because she thought his skin seemed dry. Since I love moisturizers this won't be a hassle!

Since he was at the doctor's, they put him on the scale. He's gained half a pound since his weigh-in last week!! 18 pounds 2 ounces...the doctor was very pleased with his weight gain and his overall attitude--happy happy happy! She almost can't believe he's the same baby that struggled to gain weight when he was just a couple months old.


Melissa said...

Well, the cream seems to be working. His back looks much better. We had a handout on ezcema that said it was itchy. I've never noticed Braeden trying to scratch his back, and he never seems upset when I rub his back (which I do all the time). I guess this was a very mild case. We'll apply the cream for a few days, then use it when it flares up again.

Melissa said...

The back is back...perfect, that is! The ezcema has cleared up completely, so we'll just continue to watch it and use the cream when needed. Good news.