Monday, September 5, 2005

On his own two feet

At day care on Friday, Braeden pulled himself up so that he was standing!! Almost immediately he fell backwards onto the carpet (thank goodness), but it still counts as a milestone. He didn't do it for us this weekend, but we don't really have much that he could use to pull up on. And maybe falling backwards was distressing enough to him that he wasn't interested in trying again so soon.

Otherwise we had a great weekend. Sunday was Braeden's eight-month birthday. While he didn't party hard, he did eat some more puffs, have a bath, and crawl/scoot from the living room by the TV through the kitchen and around the morning room. He's pretty fast and very determined. He's really interested in playing with the cat toys, so we'll have to pick those up soon. He's great on the vinyl flooring and the best thing about it--easy clean-up when he spits up.

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