Friday, October 28, 2005

Foiled Again

A couple of weeks ago Braeden figured out he could open drawers, use them to stand up, then pull their contents out and strew them across the floor. This is okay if you're standing right next to Braeden to catch him if he falls and if the drawer he's opened is the tupperware drawer. But it's less okay if you're in the bathroom and he's fallen forward shutting an open drawer on his fingers (true story).

So, Mat went to a variety of home improvement and baby stores to purchase child-safety locks. Thursday morning he stayed home from work and installed them on all of the drawers and cabinets in our kitchen and bathrooms.

When Braeden and I went into the kitchen last night to consider dinner, he crawled right over to his favorite new attraction--the tupperware drawer. He actually looked confused the first time he tried to pull it open, only to realize that it opened less than an inch before jerking to a stop. Undeterred, he pushed it closed and tried again, with the same disappointing result. He looked up at me and made a little noise of protest, then crawled, dejectedly, away to play with the cat.

Just one more rite of passage in our new baby-driven lives.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Braeden got to dip his toes in the ocean on our vacation in Virginia Beach. The weather was beautiful and the ocean was still pretty warm, but it was windy. I don't think Braeden loved the ocean as much as his mom and dad, at least not this year. Next year he'll get to go in the water and will hopefully have a better time. Which is not to say that he didn't enjoy his vacation!!

The timeshare was right on the beach so we had great views out the wall of windows in the bedrooms. The boardwalk was three miles long giving us lots of room to test out his new umbrella stroller his grandparents brought for him. We bought him a blue VA Beach hat but Braeden wasn't so into that. He kept pulling it off and throwing it on the ground. We're going to keep trying though. His dad loves hats, and so does his P-Pa...genetics is too strong to resist!

We went to the aquarium on Monday and bought Braeden a green plastic cup with an orca on it--too cute. He's going to love banging it on the floor, high chair, table, his mommy's head, whatever he can reach. And one day he'll hopefully love to drink out of it too.

Braeden spent most of the trip with his fingers in his mouth...his front top two teeth are starting to poke through the gums. For some reason, there seems to be a direct correlation between teething and his maternal grandparents. If the pattern sticks, his next teeth won't come in until Christmas! :)

As much as we all loved the vacation, it was good to come home and get back into Braeden's everyday routine. However, when we left Friday there was just one case of the pox, chicken that is, at the day care. Now there are many cases! And two in the infant room...stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bottoms Up!

What a big boy drinking his bottle all by himself, with just a little help from that foot! Such a silly boy! We were in the car driving home from Virginia Beach when I took the picture. Love my camera phone!! More on the beach in the next post...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Clean Bill of Health

Tuesday morning Braeden went to the doctor for his nine-month appointment. No shots, but they did prick his finger to test his hemoglobin (normal, by the way). He got a clean bill of health, but the doctor said he needed a flu shot. So after work on Wednesday the three of us went back to the doctor's office. Everyone had a number (we were 39). They were on 15 when we walked in the door; we ended up waiting about an hour before they called our number. The shot was very quick and Braeden only cried for a couple of seconds. I snatched him up quickly after the shot and he quieted down. The nurse said he shouldn't have any side effects from this, and so far he's been just fine.

And now, for the important stuff...Braeden weighed in at 19 pounds 3 ounces and is just over 27 inches long. He remains in the 25th percentile for height and weight, but that doesn't bother us or the doctor. His next appointment will be January 11 which some will remember was my original due date.

This weekend we're going to Virginia Beach with G-Mama and P-Pa. We can't wait! And we hope it will be warm enough to at least dip Braeden's toes in the ocean!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Stand up for G-mama & P-pa!

Okay Braeden, it's almost time to show us what you're really made of ... baby food puffs and homemade applesauce from Grandma Gendle and chopped up broccoli and standing up like a big boy and going for stroller rides on the boardwalk, etc. You know I tend to run on a bit. But we cannot wait to see all of you! xG-mama

Monday, October 3, 2005

Standing Tall

He's got it! Braeden can stand up on his own now. He'll use whatever is available to him to pull himself up. Saturday he used his laundry bin (which is really a tall rubbermaid garbage can with a dome lid) and the stupid thing toppled over. It didn't land on Braeden and he wasn't hurt, but he certainly was surprised! It was amazing to watch him figure it out. From a tentative motion with a lot of stops and starts to one seamless movement...he's a genius, for sure!

Tomorrow Braeden will be 9 months old. The new big thing in his life is that he's outgrown the infant car seat. Since he has to ride backwards until he's one year old, we bought a convertible car seat. (rear-facing now, forward-facing at a year) It's very plush! And it's not something you can take in and out of the car, so from now on, Braeden has to sit in restaurant high chairs, the top of the grocery cart, or be carried around. We think it's a milestone even if there's no place to record it in the baby book!