Thursday, October 13, 2005

Clean Bill of Health

Tuesday morning Braeden went to the doctor for his nine-month appointment. No shots, but they did prick his finger to test his hemoglobin (normal, by the way). He got a clean bill of health, but the doctor said he needed a flu shot. So after work on Wednesday the three of us went back to the doctor's office. Everyone had a number (we were 39). They were on 15 when we walked in the door; we ended up waiting about an hour before they called our number. The shot was very quick and Braeden only cried for a couple of seconds. I snatched him up quickly after the shot and he quieted down. The nurse said he shouldn't have any side effects from this, and so far he's been just fine.

And now, for the important stuff...Braeden weighed in at 19 pounds 3 ounces and is just over 27 inches long. He remains in the 25th percentile for height and weight, but that doesn't bother us or the doctor. His next appointment will be January 11 which some will remember was my original due date.

This weekend we're going to Virginia Beach with G-Mama and P-Pa. We can't wait! And we hope it will be warm enough to at least dip Braeden's toes in the ocean!!

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