Friday, October 28, 2005

Foiled Again

A couple of weeks ago Braeden figured out he could open drawers, use them to stand up, then pull their contents out and strew them across the floor. This is okay if you're standing right next to Braeden to catch him if he falls and if the drawer he's opened is the tupperware drawer. But it's less okay if you're in the bathroom and he's fallen forward shutting an open drawer on his fingers (true story).

So, Mat went to a variety of home improvement and baby stores to purchase child-safety locks. Thursday morning he stayed home from work and installed them on all of the drawers and cabinets in our kitchen and bathrooms.

When Braeden and I went into the kitchen last night to consider dinner, he crawled right over to his favorite new attraction--the tupperware drawer. He actually looked confused the first time he tried to pull it open, only to realize that it opened less than an inch before jerking to a stop. Undeterred, he pushed it closed and tried again, with the same disappointing result. He looked up at me and made a little noise of protest, then crawled, dejectedly, away to play with the cat.

Just one more rite of passage in our new baby-driven lives.

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G-mama said...

This is probably not the time to mention that Braeden's mom spent many enjoyable moments sitting in the turquoise (very old) kitchen stove drawer playing with pan lids and wooden spoons! Don't tell little Braeden about that trick! x G-mama and P-pa