Monday, October 3, 2005

Standing Tall

He's got it! Braeden can stand up on his own now. He'll use whatever is available to him to pull himself up. Saturday he used his laundry bin (which is really a tall rubbermaid garbage can with a dome lid) and the stupid thing toppled over. It didn't land on Braeden and he wasn't hurt, but he certainly was surprised! It was amazing to watch him figure it out. From a tentative motion with a lot of stops and starts to one seamless movement...he's a genius, for sure!

Tomorrow Braeden will be 9 months old. The new big thing in his life is that he's outgrown the infant car seat. Since he has to ride backwards until he's one year old, we bought a convertible car seat. (rear-facing now, forward-facing at a year) It's very plush! And it's not something you can take in and out of the car, so from now on, Braeden has to sit in restaurant high chairs, the top of the grocery cart, or be carried around. We think it's a milestone even if there's no place to record it in the baby book!


Melissa said...

One other thing I forgot...

We've fine-tuned our use of the floppy cover and it now covers all the nasty parts of the shopping cart. Those days of biting the shopping cart are OVER!

G-mama said...

We say that we cannot wait to see all the new and fabulous Braeden tricks!! xxG-mama