Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Movin' On Up

Braeden has gotten to be too much for the infant room at his day care, so they've decided to move him into the toddler room. Such a big boy! He's figured out how to climb out of the high chair and the play pen, so it's just not safe for him in that room anymore. I went over at lunch today and met Kim, one of the room's caregivers. She's very sweet and talked me through the transition. Braeden will spend a couple hours in the toddler room on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to get acclimated. He'll spend more time on Thursday and Friday and make the move officially the next Monday.

Instead of sleeping in cribs, the babies, I mean toddlers, sleep on tiny cots that are about an inch off the ground. They follow the same basic schedule--breakfast, play, lunch, nap, snack, play--as he's been used to. And the best part is that Braeden will be back with his buds, Matthew and Hudson! I think the bigger adjustment will be for me accepting that Braeden's not a baby anymore.

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