Friday, November 18, 2005

Poor Little Guy

The good news is that Braeden doesn't have pnuemonia; the bad news is that he has been sick and if left untreated, it could have become pnuemonia. Tuesday afternoon he had to leave day care early with a temp of almost 103. Thursday morning his temp was back to normal, but I stayed home with him just to be safe. By midday it was 100 and at 7:00 it was 103.8! Thursday Mat stayed home with Braeden and took him to the doctor at 10:00. No temp, but she was concerned about his labored breathing and cough. After a chest x-ray, she said he had mucous in his lungs. A 20-minute nebulizer treatment and three prescriptions later, Mat and Braeden were home again. Twice a day we give him an antibiotic and a steroid to open his airways. The third prescription is a worst-case scenario medicine, a just-in-case medicine.

He's been sleeping fine at night and eating well during the day. He's got less energy though and is quick to turn cranky. But we dropped him off at day care this morning. I'll check on him at lunch and post an update then.

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