Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Braeden's first Christmas

December felt like the shortest month! We packed up the car (every spare inch was filled) and drove to Johnson City, NY on Thursday, December 15. Mat was in his best friend's wedding on Saturday, so we had to accelerate our Christmas travel plans. The weather was terrible on the 15th, starting with freezing rain that turned into snow in Winchester, VA. But we made it to the hotel around 4:30 after leaving our house at 4:15 AM.

I felt a little queasy, but went to dinner anyway with Chris, Brian, Lois, her sister Romaine, and Mat and Braeden. It wasn't a good idea...I had to leave early and then was sick for a day and a half with a stomach bug. (Potentially food poisening from my office's holiday potluck as I wasn't the only one from work afflicted!) Anyway, Mat's parents took care of Braeden on Friday while I rested and Mat ran some errands, including picking up his tux for Saturday's wedding.

Saturday morning I drove Braeden to Roscoe to meet my parents at the diner. We had breakfast--Braeden likes pancakes, by the way!--and then swapped cars so that Braeden could go back to Rhinebeck with them. Mat and I had a wonderful time at the wedding, which was beautiful, and drove to Rhinebeck the next morning.

We spent the next week at my parents' house and left the day after Christmas for the 12-hour drive back to Whitsett. But we had a great time and were so happy to celebrate Christmas with my nanny, great-aunt, sister and her fiance, and my parents. Christmas was just perfect! We took it easy and didn't end up opening presents until about 5:00 that evening after a huge meal of roast beast, turkey breast, mashed potatoes, and all the other fixings! Braeden ate tiny bites of beef, turkey, roll, and peas. He was one happy baby!

And he got a bunch of great gifts...almost too much stuff to fit in the car for the return trip! I'll post a few pictures when I can, but until then picture Braeden in a Santa hat--he kept it on just long enough to take the picture! :)

We'll celebrate Christmas with his other grandparents, Uncle Mark, Jenn, and Joe at Joe's house on Saturday, December 31. And then the next week Braeden turns 1! I promise to update more regularly in 2006. In fact, I'll make that my new year's resolution!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Joe said...

Thanks for the great Christmas update, Melissa. Looking forward to Saturday when we'll celebrate Christmas with you, Mat and Braeden. We'll also celebrate Braeden's first birthday just a few days ahead of time. I wonder if he'll blow out the candle on the cake.


G-mama said...

A little note to Joe: If Braeden likes the cake, he won't have time to blow out the candle, he'll just eat cake!! He's a good little eater!

Just so everyone knows, we were thrilled that Braeden was so well-adjusted when we switched cars and drove him to Rhinebeck for our babysitting stint. He took it in stride, came in our house, had lunch, played and took a nap with no complaints. When we put him to bed that night, we wondered if he'd go to sleep -- another thing not to worry about! He was a perfect little boy and can come anytime!

And we had a wonderful week with Melissa, Mat and little Braeden. The visiting was terrific, some fun activities and some down time and of course, lots of on-the-go time with Braeden! He is certainly a busy little boy and all those photo opps were great -- I'll be taking my 4 rolls of film to CVS tomorow!

And, we were thrilled to watch Braeden WALK! Send us a movie of it soon!

And thanks again for your visit. It was very special.