Saturday, January 14, 2006

Braeden's first haircut

This morning we celebrated another of Braeden's firsts...his first haircut!

Trust me when I tell you his hair had gotten way too long. He's got a funny cowlick which he gets from his dad that made the hair on the top of his head stand straight up. And his hair in the back was long enough to touch his shirt collar. It was time!

We took him this morning to Mat's barber, a young guy with twin boys of his own. There was no line, so we got right down to business. The barber used a 3/4 inch guard on the razor and went to work with his comb. Five minutes later and NO screaming, we were done. For most of the haircut, Braeden sat just like you see him-quietly and calmly on Mat's lap. At the very end, he squirmed just a little, but he never made a peep. He was the model client!

Now his hair is very, very short but it looks fantastic! Very grown-up. And we know it will make bath time easier now that we won't have to spend so much time trying to dry his hair. We'll take some pictures to show off his new 'do later today and post them so everyone can see our handsome little man.

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