Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby!

It's Braeden's big day! The big 01!

So far, this lucky little kid has had two birthday parties (with each set of grandparents) and this afternoon he'll celebrate at day care. I made chocolate cupcakes with white frosting last night and will go in at 2:30 today to party with him and the other kids. I'll try to snap a picture with my camera phone to post here. I bet the kids will be really cute (and really messy) eating cupcakes!

This picture is from his birthday celebration at Joe's last Saturday. Since he HATES hats, this one stayed on just long enough for one picture. He was also afraid of the helium balloon Mark brought. He wouldn't go near it, but we brought it back to the house and it's grown on him. I think he realized it's just another thing he can hit.

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