Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trip to the Doctor

Mat and I took Braeden in for his one-year check-up today. Bad news first, he had to have four shots including his second flu shot. And he'll have to have more shots at his next appointment in three months. But the good news? After that appointment, he won't have any more shots until he turns FOUR YEARS OLD!

In other good news, Braeden has jumped into the 50th percentile for both height and weight which pleased his doctor immensely. He weighed in at 22 pounds 3 ounces this morning (exactly three more pounds than at his nine-month appointment). And he was 29 1/4 inches long, or should I say tall since he can stand now? Either way, he's growing and developing very well! His head is 19 1/4 inches around, still big for his age.

Aside from the shots, it was a pretty uneventful visit. The doctor was happy and so are we.

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