Thursday, February 23, 2006

Braeden's health update

Last night Braeden's temp was 104 when we put him to bed. We gave him tylenol and he slept through the night. But we decided to call the doctor today to see if they would see him.

This morning his temp was 101. He wasn't interested in eating breakfast and was very fussy for Mat who stayed home with him. After Braeden's nap, he wouldn't drink his bottle or eat any snack. He and Mat went to the doctor and had a flu test which was negative. She said it was probably just a virus and the temp should go away in a day or two. He did a lot better this afternoon and tonight his temp was normal.

So, we hope that he'll wake up with no temp and that he'll be able to go to day care. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Poor baby Braeden

Braeden had to leave day care half an hour early yesterday because he was sick. His temp was 101 this morning, so I spent the morning with him. After his class was over, Mat came home and relieved me so I could go into work for the afternoon. Even though he had a temp, Braeden was still a lot of fun to spend the day with. He was very sweet but he was quick to become fussy and cranky.

Around 6:00 we fed him his dinner and hurried to put him to bed. As he was trying to eat his dinner, his whole body was shaking. We skipped the bath tonight and quickly took his temperature. 103.7! We haven't heard a peep from him, unless you count his snoring, and hopefully he'll sleep well all night.

Monday, February 20, 2006

On the Street

As you can see below, Braeden was out for a walk on Sunday. He and Mat had gone to Home Depot on man errands while I was at Michaels buying invitations for a bridal shower. When we got back to the house, we decided Braeden had been cooped up in the car and shopping cart for too long, so we let him loose! He likes to walk up and down the cul-de-sac and especially likes to watch the guys working on the house at the end of our street. It's about 45 out, so we weren't out for too long, but he had a great time. He fell forward a couple of times, but they were pretty minor falls and didn't slow him down a bit.

When we went inside, we had lunch then played inside until it was nap time. Making up for the morning's pitiful attempt at a nap, Braeden slept for a couple of hours. Then it was time for a bottle and snack of animal crackers, more play time, then dinner (baked ziti and meatballs, green beans, and chocolate yogurt), bath time (a must after the ziti!), and bed time. Too cute!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Friday, February 17, 2006

What's up with Braeden?

I hope you'll check out the videos of Braeden I posted last night. If you have, I bet you've laughed at his antics. I especially love it when he yells through the milk jug or a cup. He does it a lot, so he must enjoy it too.

But what else is he up to?

He doesn't fit in any of the one-piece 12-month outfits anymore. The cuffs ride up just below his knees and he typically pops the snaps at the crotch. He ends up looking pretty sad in a one-piece. So his usual uniform is a shirt and pants making him look like a little man. :)

We've been going through a bout with cradle cap. It's funny, if you look it up you'll read that it affects babies and is usually gone by the end of the first year. Then there's Braeden who never had it as a baby, turned one, and developed a pretty nasty case of it. Now before you get too nervous about it, cradle cap is a really minor thing. It's really more annoying than anything else. And when I say annoying, I mean to me. His scalp is all crusty. Yuck! The treatment is to douse his head in baby oil. Let it soak in to loosen the dead skin (because that's all cradle cap is, a build-up of dead skin), then brush it off with a toothbrush or washcloth. We've been at it for a week or so, and it's looking much better. If the situation doesn't resolve itself, we'll have to ask the doctor for another remedy. Apparently Braeden has sensitive skin, what with the ezcema and the cradle cap.

Speaking of skin, his super-dry skin is softening up beautifully. We bought a humidifier (thanks G-Ma and P-Pa!) for his room and run it every night. His legs (which were the main problem) feel great now. Between the humidifier and the eucerin I cover him with every night, he's got silky-smooth skin now.

Another of Braeden's favorite games involves the stairs. After Braeden's dinner, Mat runs upstairs to run his bath. I clean up Braeden and take him to the bottom of the stairs. Mat lies down upstairs and waits for Braeden to start climbing the stairs, which he does after I encourage him by asking "Where's daddy". Braeden starts climbing and periodically Mat lifts his head up to encourage Braeden. When Braeden sees Mat pop up, he laughs and renews his climbing efforts. He also stretches up to try to see Mat. It doesn't work until he's a couple steps from the top, but he loves to get there so he can finally see daddy. Great game, tons of fun!

That's it for now. We've got no plans for the weekend, and unfortunately it's only going to be in the 30s. After temps in the 60s for the past couple of days, this is incredibly disappointing.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here's Braeden

I posted a ton of videos tonight on you tube.

So make sure you check them out!

Saturday, February 4, 2006

What's going on with Braeden?

I posted two new videos today on you tube, so please make sure you check them out!

Braeden has more teeth coming in--one on top and two on the bottom on either side of the front two teeth. He's been drooling like crazy and chewing on his fingers.

Thursday night we went to a party at a coworker's home to welcome another coworker. Braeden entertained everyone climbing up the stairs over and over again. Since it had been quite a while since most of them had seen Braeden, they were very impressed by how big he'd gotten.