Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Braeden's trip North

The three of us just got back from a quick trip to Rhinebeck to see G-Ma and P-Pa and throw a wedding shower for Abi. We had a great time!

Braeden went for walks around town and the neighborhood with his grandparents and had chicken tenders and beans at Foster's. He's going to be a ton of help with the yardwork, too, now that he has his very own lawnmower. Unlike most people I know, he seems to love pushing his around! If we've got a pic, I'll post it when I can.

Probably the most impressive thing he did during the trip was start to saw Wow! The best example was when he got four books with googly eyes from his grandparents. As we turned the pages, he would exclaim (very loudly) Wow. The inflection and enthusiasm in his voice is lost in the typing, but try to picture him drawing out the word w-o-o-w-w! Is this is first word? Or was it momma or dada? I can't say for sure, but will try to figure it out over the next couple of months!

The other big thing that happened on the trip was that Braeden has stretched out his bed time a little later. He's now going to bed closer to 7:30 and he's actually enjoying the extra time up and out of bed. It's great for Mat and me because we can spend a little more time with him in the evenings. And it also means he sleeps a little later each morning which gives us a little more time to get ready to go.

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