Monday, March 6, 2006


Braeden had a couple of tough moments yesterday, but overall he had a really good day! Let's see, what do you want to read first? The good or the bad?

After his morning nap, we put Braeden in his high chair for his bottle and snack. He'd finished with his bottle and thrown it on the floor. He wasn't that interested in his snack (animal crackers, I think), but he was pointing at the clothes pin we use to keep the bag closed. So Mat gave it to him and, very happily, he began to play with it. Everything was fine for a few minutes. I was at the sink rinsing something out and Mat was in the living room picking up toys. But then Braeden started screaming. After a few seconds I realized he'd clipped a little bit of skin on the palm of his hand in the clothes pin. I bet that hurt a lot! I unclipped him and pulled him out of the chair. We gave him his paccy and he settled down pretty quickly. It didn't leave a mark either.

Just before dinner time, Braeden snatched my cell phone and was walking around the living room. I was pretending to chase him and we were both laughing. Unfortunately he got going too fast and fell forward. He bumped his left cheek on the stairs when he fell and it left him with a red spot for the rest of the evening. No bruise though. He cried a little, but almost immediately pushed away from me and kept running away with the phone.

So, how about some good stuff? The three of us went for a walk when Braeden got up from his afternoon nap. It was about 60 degrees and sunny, so it was just about perfect. We walked all over our neighborhood and checked out new townhomes and streets. Braeden is adorable on walks. Instead of just leaning back and resting in his stroller, he leans forward and grabs onto the bar in front of him. He points at stuff and says gah or doh as we walk. He's very involved in the whole thing.

When we got back home, I went inside to make meatloaf and Mat and Braeden walked around the cul-de-sac for about 10 minutes. Mat says Braeden would pick up a small rock, look at it, carry it around for a few seconds, then drop it in favor of another pebble. He went up our driveway a couple of times before moving on to our neighbors' driveways. After a while he got tired, so the boys came inside to check on the dinner arrangements.

Sunday morning (after the hand pinching and before lunch) the boys did a man's errand and went to Home Depot for pine straw so I could take a shower.

That just about sums up our day!

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