Saturday, March 4, 2006

What's going on

I was reminded today that it had been too long since I had updated the blog. It was a good reminder, so here goes.

So, what has Braeden been up to this week? He tried grapes for the first time. I slice them in half and he loves them, which is good because I tried giving him banana and he wasn't interested in eating that at all.

Today we went to Greensboro to go to Costco. First we met Emily and Kenny for lunch at Taste of Thai. Fortunately, we fed Braeden lunch first at home because there wasn't much on the menu he'd eat. But he still had a good time at the restaurant, and so did we. :) After a quick trip to Costco, we headed home so Braeden could take a nap. We'll be eating rotisserie chicken tonight for dinner.

I think Braeden's getting closer to saying his first words. He "talks" all the time! Sometimes it even seems like he's responding to the things we say or the questions we ask him. He also loves to play "Where's Braeden?" He goes around the corner, then I say "Where's Braeden?" and he pops out from wherever he'd gone to hide. Then he laughs and laughs. It's so cute!

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