Monday, April 3, 2006

Saturday--Greensboro Children's Museum

Here's Braeden at the Greensboro Children's Museum. I took Braeden over there Saturday morning and we had the best time!

You can tell he didn't love the rocker I put him on, but he humored me for the sake of the photo. He also didn't like it when I put him in the ring full of plastic balls. But he did like to grab two balls and carry them around, hit them together, throw them, retrieve them, and present them to other parents who always thanked him very seriously. :) He also liked climbing up a pyramid-shaped foam structure. Two sides were steps that he could climb, one side was like a slide which he slid down face-first, and the other was a rippled slide that he could climb up on all fours. He liked sitting at the top like a little king too.

I can't wait to take him back there (and Mat too!).

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