Monday, April 3, 2006

Sunday--Lindley Park & the Arboretum

On Sunday we took Braeden to a park in Greensboro. We put him in a swing for the first time...and he just smiled and smiled!

Braeden rode for a while in his stroller but when we got to this park, we let him down. He walked all around checking everything out before settling down in the swing. After a few minutes, we could tell he was done and itching to get down. He wandered up to a VERY nice family who offered him gatorade, sierra mist, and cheetos. Unfortunately Braeden can't drink from a can and I'm not ready to let him cheetos, but it was very sweet of them to offer after he crashed their party.

He kept walking until he ran into a basketball court where some young guys were shooting hoops. Braeden was determined to charge onto the court, so it was really hard to convince him otherwise. When he's a little older, we might have to get him a nerf hoop and ball to play with!

We put him back in the stroller and walked a little more before heading him. It was a perfect day!

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