Sunday, May 7, 2006

Just another day at the park!

We found a great park to visit with Braeden. Here he is driving the firetruck.

On Saturday we went to Beth Schmidt Park for a celebration of its first anniversary. The park is really nice and has two different play areas-one for kids under five and one for kids ages 5-12. The ground is covered with shredded, recycled car tires that have been sprayed green, so they're really soft and springy. Easy to fall on and not get hurt. The little tots area (for Braeden-size kids) is adorable. It's got steps to climb up, a slide, the fireman's truck station, and little nooks and crannies to sit in, windows to look out and bang on, and areas to jump to the ground from. Plus it's under a tent, so it's nice and shady. There's also a bank of swings including some Braeden can sit in. We had a great time running around the fake mulch and sliding down the slide.

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