Monday, June 19, 2006

The Big Bang

I keep reading that around 18 months babies experience a language explosion. It's like there's a giant countdown clock in our house. We're at 17 1/2 months now and I just keep waiting for the boom. Right now, Braeden is very good at saying daddy. Actually it's more like daddeeee! He says momma (thank goodness!) too. We also think he says puppy, but it's more like buppeee. You just have to go with it! Yesterday Mat said he was saying ball (baa) and car (probably more like caa), but this is unconfirmed since I didn't hear it.

Even if he isn't a wordsmith yet, he is definitely putting it together in his head. We play the body parts game a lot, and he's a champ. Ask him where your mouth is, and he'll touch your mouth. Ditto for nose, ears, and feet. Watch out if you ask where your eyes are though! He's also pretty good at identifying stuff he knows when he sees it in different surroundings. He knows camel from one of his favorite books (Dear Zoo...thanks Emily!), and can point to the camel in the ABC book. Same goes for lion and buppeee. :)

The other thing that convinces us how close he's getting to the big blow-up is that he can follow some basic instructions. He knows what to do when we say it's time to put your shoes on. Braeden very dutifully walks over to the steps and sits down because we put our shoes on there each morning. He can put his toys and books away if you ask him too. He knows what to do when I ask if he wants to push the button (we're making coffee!). He comes right over to me and holds his hands up so I can pick him up to push the button. He's a huge help!

Braeden has also developed a few obsessive traits. We're not sure where those come from since both Mat and I are so laid back! :) Braeden loves to close doors (ones he can push closed, that is), so don't think you can stand in an open door and get away with it! He also likes to wipe the floor or cupboards with paper towels, use the dust broom, pick up crumbs, and even follows Mat while he's using the vacuum.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Water Baby

Saturday afternoon around 2:30, we took Braeden to the pool for the first time. It wasn't that crowded and the kiddie pool was empty when we first got there. Here's Mat and Braeden sitting in the kiddie pool. Braeden liked walking through the water which came up to his tummy and sitting on Mat's lap. He loved smacking the water with his hands especially if Mat or I got wet! He didn't like it when the water hit his face though!

We took him in the big pool too, but he seemed more overwhelmed by that than anything else. There were two little girls jumping into their dad's arms from the side and maybe that scared him. While at the pool we met a mom with a little boy one month younger than Braeden. This was his fourth trip to the pool and he was really enjoying it. But she said on his first trip, he did nothing but cry! We were really glad that Braeden had a better first visit.

He's napping now, but I think we'll take him to the park when he gets up.