Saturday, June 3, 2006

Water Baby

Saturday afternoon around 2:30, we took Braeden to the pool for the first time. It wasn't that crowded and the kiddie pool was empty when we first got there. Here's Mat and Braeden sitting in the kiddie pool. Braeden liked walking through the water which came up to his tummy and sitting on Mat's lap. He loved smacking the water with his hands especially if Mat or I got wet! He didn't like it when the water hit his face though!

We took him in the big pool too, but he seemed more overwhelmed by that than anything else. There were two little girls jumping into their dad's arms from the side and maybe that scared him. While at the pool we met a mom with a little boy one month younger than Braeden. This was his fourth trip to the pool and he was really enjoying it. But she said on his first trip, he did nothing but cry! We were really glad that Braeden had a better first visit.

He's napping now, but I think we'll take him to the park when he gets up.

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G-mama said...

G-mama would like to go swimming with Braeden! And he does look like he's enjoying the water! Thanks so much for sharing!