Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday is for football!

Braeden got his hair cut yesterday morning. It is sooo short! It looks like he got a military crewcut. But it took less than a minute to dry it last night after his bath, so that made it all worthwhile.

Mat took Braeden to the resevoir yesterday afternoon. They saw ducks, people fishing, boats, and bugs. According to Mat he learned two new words on that outing. Boat and beetle. He continued to say boat at home last night, but he wouldn't say beetle for me.

He's supposed to be napping right now, but Mat and I just heard him talking to himself. We're not giving up on the idea of a nap though. I'm sure he'll fall asleep if we just leave him alone.

After his nap we'll practice his Giants chant since they play this afternoon. Hopefully they'll win, but either way Braeden will wear his Giants jersey tomorrow to day care.

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