Friday, September 22, 2006

WOW! It's been a really long time!

I'm glad Braeden has a friend who cares enough to stage an's been way too long since I updated this site. I'm really going to make an effort now to update this more frequently.

Braeden's vocabulary has really expanded in the last weeks. I haven't counted, but I'd guess he knows about 30 words now. One of his new favorites is Elmo. He LOVES Elmo! You should hear the way Braeden says it. Braeden sounds like a french guy when he says it. It's cute, and it makes me laugh each time I hear him say it. He's got Elmo on his diapers and a couple of Elmo books. And of course, he's still got his Elmo phone.

Braeden quacks like a duck and can moo like a cow. Still loves puppies and trucks.

One of the cutest things he does is when he's ready to eat. He says eat eat over and over again. In the mornings, he and I eat cereal together. I get down the bowl and get the cereal out of the pantry. Braeden gets a spoon out of the drawer and rips his bib down from the high chair. I bring the bowl of cereal over to the table and sit down. He hands me the spoon and bib and then holds up his arms for me to pick him up. Then we eat our bite for him, two for me. When we get done, Braeden throws away our napkin and puts the spoon in the dishwasher. After I rinse the bowl, we go back to the table where he pushes the chair in and I put the placemat away. We love breakfast time!

We had to buy Braeden a few pairs of long pants since it's starting to get a little cooler now. We initially bought 24 month pants, but had to return them because they were way too big. So we went back to Target and got him 18 month pants. He wore the first pair today, and he looked really cute! So, in case anyone was planning to buy Braeden pants or a shirt, get him the 18-month size!

I hope this is enough for today. I'll look around for a current picture and post that. I also have a few videos to download off the camera, and I'll load those on youtube.

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