Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Braeden turns two!

Since I didn't post about his birthday at the time, I thought I'd do a quick blurb on his b-day.

We celebrated several times with family, friends, and at the day care. Braeden got a lot of great presents and really enjoyed opening bags and ripping wrapping paper! I took cupcakes to day care, which I'm pretty sure were a hit since he came home covered in cupcake. I should probably apologize to the parents of all the other kids who also went home covered in cupcake, but it was a special occasion. :)

Something amazing...Braeden still isn't over Christmas. Sometimes he'll grab my hand and lead me into the living room saying Christmas over and over. When he realizes the tree is gone, he pauses, then usually leads me over to his toys. Since he got so many of them for Christmas, I think he connects the toys to the holiday and figures it's the next best thing. But for a minute or two I feel really bad that we took the tree down!

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