Friday, January 26, 2007


Turns out I taught Braeden something a little silly. Imagine that!

Just inside the door at his day care, there's a big fish tank with a boat at the bottom. Braeden always stops to see the boat and the fish which comes out sounding a little like oaf when Braeden says it. Well, one day there was a new fish in the tank. A pufferfish. I pointed it out to Braeden by saying "Look at the new weird fish!" And that's all it took. Now when he runs down the hall it's to look at the weird fish in the tank. It's the one he looks for and when he sees it, he points and says weird. And he says it in the most adorable way! One day, another little girl corrected him to say it was a pufferfish, but to Braeden it's just the weird one!

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