Thursday, March 15, 2007


Every Friday the Tumblebus comes to the day care. A couple of the kids in Braeden's room got to do the Tumblebus each week, but when it was time each of the kids in his room thought they would get to go. So they would all put their coats on and start chanting Tumblebus over and over again. I'm sure it was tough on the teachers dealing with a lot of upset kids when they didn't get to go to the Tumblebus. But what really killed me was imaging how upset and disappointed Braeden must have been when he didn't get to go on the Tumblebus.

Sometimes Braeden would say Tumblebus, but we had no idea what that meant. One day we asked his teacher, and she explained the situation to us. They arranged for Braeden to do a trial run with Tumblebus. It isn't very expensive, so we decided if he liked it, we would sign him up.

He LOVED it! Last Friday he came home with a Tumblebus report card...Braeden began learning how to do a backward somersault and a cartwheel. He also started learning how to do push-ups and use the monkey bars. And they're working him towards doing a handstand; last week they taught him how to walk his feet up the wall.

So, each Friday you should picture Braeden on the Tumblebus.

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