Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Driving the truck

Braeden and I went to the Children's Museum Sunday while Mat was doing auto cross. He won his class, by the way! Even got a trophy! Poor car didn't get to take a victory lap, though, since Mat and Braeden were in a minor fender bender Monday morning on the way to day care. They're both fine, the car, not so much. Mat's got a loaner for the week while his car is in the shop. The other driver ran a red light in Gibsonville, but fortunately neither of them were driving too fast so the outcome wasn't so bad.

But anyway, at the Children's Museum Braeden wanted to drive the fire truck. So I snapped this picture to send to Mat so he'd know what we were up to that day. We had a great afternoon at the museum. Braeden played in the sand for about 45 minutes then sat in the fire truck for another 45. He did not want to come home!

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Emily said...

This picture needs some explanation!