Friday, April 27, 2007

Keeping the lies straight

I met my friend Emily in Greensboro to help her start her registry at Babies R Us. She's 19 weeks pregnant and refusing to find out if she's having a boy or a girl! She's also been sentenced to one week of bed rest, so hopefully that will do the trick for her and she can get back to enjoying life again! Nothing but positive thinking!

Anyway, I had been dying to tell her that I was pregnant, and I finally got the chance! It feels a lot more real now that she knows. It's such a big secret to keep. And it colors everything else in your life. When people say you look tired, or ask if you want a drink, or just ask you what's going on, you're stuck lying to them. Those lies are tough to keep straight.

I'm going to call Wendover OB/GYN today. That's where my midwife moved when she left Femina. I've been thinking a lot about it, and I would really like to keep seeing her. Hopefully I can get an appointment soon!

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