Thursday, April 19, 2007

Under there

One night this weekend Braeden and I were sitting on my bed talking and listening to music. We had already taken his shirt off since we were getting ready for bath time, so I asked if he wanted to get under the covers. He said yes, uh uh, his new catch phrase, and we snuggled under the blanket. Braeden thought this was so funny! He loved being under there with me. Then he would peek out from under the blanket and laugh. He still loves hiding, and I'm sure he thought we were completely invisible under there.

Now when we're in his room lying on the floor at bed time, he asks for the blanket. Under there, he says. I pull his quilt off the crib and we put it over our heads. Sometimes Daddy is allowed to stay under with his, but sometimes Braeden pushes him out!

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