Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad Dreams

I asked Mat to write about Braeden's bad dream because he was the one to hear Bray crying in the night. So, here in his own words, is Mat's story:

Bray has been waking up once almost every night between 1 and 3 am, I’m not sure why. Normally, I just have to go upstairs, give him his blanket, and tell him that it is nighttime and that he needs to go back to sleep. After this, he is usually quiet until morning. Tuesday morning, this didn’t work though. When I heard him, I went upstairs and he was sitting up in bed, wide awake and yelling. He kept looking over the side of the bed and crying “jeep! jeep!”. He was inconsolable for probably 45-60 seconds, then he suddenly got this look of awareness on his face, and immediately settled back down to bed and fell asleep. I suppose he must have dreamt that he lost his jeep (one of his favorite toys), and once he realized he was safe and sound in bed, he could settle back down again.

More Tumblebus Tricks

Braeden's tumblebus report card said he had learned how to do sit-ups, but when we ask him to show us he refuses. Sometimes he says okay (one of his most favorite words that comes out more like otay thank okay). And then he gets into a push-up position. He doesn't actually bend his arms to do a push-up, but he does assume the position. It reminds me of when he was a baby before he could crawl.

I found this picture from August 2005 of Braeden in his push-up pose, so I thought I would post it again. Now he can actually lift his head to look at us and smile proudly. I'll try to get him to do it for the camera one day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This baby LOVES fruit. Has to have it. All the time. It's nuts! Normally, I like fruit as much as the next person. But if you put an apple and a brownie in front of me, I would ALWAYS pick the brownie. Strawberries vs. brownie would be a much tougher sell...But not now. Now I'm buying tons of fruit and making special trips to Harris Teeter for the best selection of fruit.

Monday night I ate at least a quarter of a watermelon! This morning I had two peaches with breakfast. I can't wait for berry season...I'm practically dreaming about strawberries and raspberries!


Sunday, May 27, 2007


Braeden learned how to do somersaults at Tumblebus. He's known how to do them for a few weeks now, but he wasn't getting all the way over. He kept falling to the side. We finally realized that he needed to have his head very close to his feet in order to flip over right. Here's the end result!

Friday, May 25, 2007

First picture

Here it is...the first baby picture. Looking at it, I can't even be sure I'm having a baby! But seriously, the head is on the right and the rest of the blob is body/legs. Baby is an inch long now and is starting to grow fingernails! Apparently the baby has just finished a huge developmental growth period...organs have been formed and now they continue to grow. Can you imagine how tiny the heart is if the baby is just one inch long??? I can't.

I've been feeling much more at ease the last couple days because the spotting seems to be behind me. I hope that means the tear has healed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bray must've had a really tough day at school because he fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Upcoming appointments

I forgot to mention Mat and I were at Wendover from 8:15 until 11:15 Tuesday morning. We probably spent the most time sitting in different waiting rooms. We were in three different waiting rooms, or was it four? I can't even remember now.

As I checked out, we set up my next appointment in four weeks. June 21 at 7:45. Yikes! I can't see Tanya since she's on vacation, but I'll see Dr. Wrenn who seems like a very nice woman. Young too. After the ultrasound, we sat down with her to talk about the tear. I liked her, so I don't mind seeing her at my next appointment.

This morning I called United Healthcare to find out if the 12 week ultrasound to check for chromosomal defects would be covered. It is. So, I'll get another ultrasound on June 11 at 3:30. That's the day before we go to Charleston!

Good news first

Since it's always best to start with the good news, I'm still pregnant. That was a serious doubt for me for almost four days though, and that's what the bad news was (and is). Does that make any sense?

Friday night I came home from work and started spotting (all brown, nothing red or even pink). Well, brown spotting freaks me out more than anything else because that's the only symptom I had when I had my first miscarriage. Brown spotting for a week led to an ultrasound with no heartbeat. So, brown spotting this time around made me head for bed. As much as I could, I stayed in bed all weekend. Braeden hung out with me some of the time, and I ate all my meals in bed. It was pretty pathetic.

I finally called the on-call nurse Sunday afternoon when I was home alone. Other than Mat and Braeden, she was the only person I spoke to all weekend. Anyway, the nurse was pretty calm about the whole thing. Unless I was soaking a pad in an hour or having cramping or contractions, she said I should just rest and drink lots of fluids. Could she tell I had been bed-bound for a day and a half??

Monday morning I went to work, and the spotting had pretty much stopped. I finally told someone about the spotting, and Emily and I exchanged hopeful e-mails. I was feeling better, then I went to the bathroom and found red blood. RED is bad, right? I was more convinced than ever that this pregnancy was OVER. But I got myself straight home and back into bed.

Tuesday morning I went to the doctor. Took Mat with me because I wanted someone there for the bad news I was certain was coming. They did bloodwork, then I sat down with Tanya (my midwife) for a few minutes. She did an internal exam and found that my cervix was irritated. She thought that might be where the blood was coming from since she touched it and it bled a little. Tanya did some swabs to look for infection, then we tried to hear the heartbeat. Apparently, you can start to hear it as soon as 9 weeks. We couldn't find it, but Tanya reassured me that the pubic bone usually gets in the way when it's this early. After the exam, we had to wait about 20 minutes for the ultrasound. This was what I had been dreading.

I climb up on the table, and the first thing the tech does is show us the baby's heartbeat. I was stunned. Literally, open mouth, tears, heart stopped. I even asked Are you sure? Really? Then we heard the heartbeat and saw this tiny blob moving around. We even got our first picture which Mat will scan for me tomorrow. I'll post it when I get it.

There is a little bad news, but nothing too overwhelming. First of all, my cervix was irritated but I didn't have an infection. But the blood was probably coming from the tiny subchorionic tear I have. If I understand right, that means there's a small tear in the lining underneath the placenta. They'll keep watching it because normally these tears (especially when they're so small like mine) heal themselves. So, here's hoping my cervix and this tear get better all on their own.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Funny story

There's this other great mom of one of Braeden's friends at school, Robin. Her daughter Makena is a little bit younger than Braeden, but they've been in the same rooms for their two years. Makena is a beautiful little girl. Very slender and very, very blond and pale. She still LOVES her paccy, like it's permanently attached in her mouth. Robin is pregnant again, due in mid-June and is one of those pregnant women who just looks perfect.

Anyway, Makena cried when Braeden moved up to the two-year old room. The day she moved up, I'm sure she was ecstatic! Most days, Braeden plays with Makena and Alex, one of the other little girls in his room. Today I ran into Robin on campus (she works for one of our vendors). We were talking and she asked if I knew what had happened the other day. I assumed it had to do with Matthew, the thug of our day care. He beats her up, bites her, pulls her hair, and steals her toys. But this story was about Braeden.

I guess it was last week, Braeden stole Makena's paccy out of her mouth and threw it over the gate, just out of reach. Makena was screaming for her paccy, having a total meltdown. I can only imagine how funny Braeden thought this new game was. Apparently fun enough that he did it again yesterday!

I felt terrible. And since Robin and I had already talked about what a bully Matthew is, I was worried Braeden would be heading down that path. But Robin thought it was funny. She's very slowly trying to break Makena of the paccy habit, so Makena isn't even supposed to have the paccy outside.

Today when I went to get Braeden, I saw him running towards the opposite end of their playground. Then I watched him throw a toy over the fence and run back to me. Maybe throwing stuff over the fence will be more fun than eating sand, rocks, or mulch and he'll give that game up for good!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Is it over?

I guess I'm finally over the bug. What's weird is that I'm still not hungry. I have this permanently full feeling like I can remember having when I was 8 months pregnant. I don't know if this is leftover from whatever bug I had, but it's completely contrary to how I felt just one week ago. Last week if I got hungry and didn't eat within 5 minutes, I was ready to kill.

I am still exhausted though. I can always count on that to feel pregnant!

Recent Pics

I thought it would be a good idea to post some recent pictures of Braeden. He makes that scary, toothy grin every time I ask him to smile. And that kid LOVES his Giants shirt! He asks to wear it a lot, and even has it on today (with shorts!).

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well, what I thought was morning sickness was probably just a bug. Both Mat and I were sick for a couple days and it sounded a lot like what some others in the psych department were suffering from last week. Guess it wasn't a good idea to go to the retirement party Saturday night at the Pickens' house.

So, if there's no morning sickness, that makes the symptoms list one shorter. One thing I can't deny is how tired I've been. I've also been so emotional the last few days, crying at the drop of a hat.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going to the Doctor

I went in for my first appointment at Wendover OB/GYN Tuesday morning. The visit just so happened to coincide with what I thought was a rough bout of morning sickness. The practice is pretty fantastic. Big, modern, big. When I first arrived, instead of checking in at the front desk, I had to check in using a touch-screen monitor on a stand. There was more than one, just in case 10 people arrived at the same time, I guess.

A few minutes later the woman at the front desk called me up to fill out a form. Then the woman who handles insurance called me back to go over what my insurance would cover and what I owed them. I had to pay a $200 deductible upfront, then $77/month for five months. That covers my portion of the doctor's fees, so after delivery all we need to worry about is the hospital fees. It was nice to get it all taken care of, but a little weird at how much of a science it turned out to be.

After the insurance portion was done, I met with the health educator for 30 minutes. She was nice, but not the liveliest person. We basically went over the history I completed online a couple weeks ago. She gave me a bag of stuff, pamphlets, a book, and info sheets on procedures they'll do over the next months. I have the option of doing an ultrasound at 12 weeks to check for certain abnormalities or a blood screen at 16 weeks to look for the same stuff. Then there's the comprehensive ultrasound at 18 weeks. They do it in house. With a 3-D ultrasound. When I said big and modern, I meant it. My old doctor's office had a crappy, very tiny ultrasound machine that barely showed anything. My last 18-week ultrasound was done at Women's Hospital. This time around I'll have a 3-D ultrasound done at the doctor's office. Absolutely nuts!

Friday, May 11, 2007

A new symptom

I woke up this morning feeling nauseous. I couldn't eat breakfast and standing up made it worse. I went out to the living room and plopped down on the chair with my feet up to drink water. It was mostly better by the time I got to work, but I could definitely tell I hadn't eaten breakfast when I was starving at 10:30. In addition to being really hungry, I was a little queasy then too.

Why are words like nauseous and queasy so hard to spell???

My first appointment at Wendover OB/GYN is Tuesday. I need to call Femina to ask them to fax my records over to the new doctor.

Friday, May 4, 2007


Yup. The baby is the size of a raspberry now! The baby also has slightly webbed fingers and eyelids forming to cover his or her eyes. Crazy!

Still, as far as symptoms go, I don't have much to talk about. I forgot how hungry you get when you're pregnant. It comes on me out of nowhere, and it will not be ignored! Once I get hungry, it's all I can think about. I also have to pee all the time. It hasn't started waking me up in the middle of the night yet, so I'm not going to complain about that. Mat thinks my sense of smell is a lot better than it usually is. I think he's right since smells have begun to bother me more and more. I'm also yawning all the time and laying on the couch exhausted at 8:30 each night. Wednesday I stayed home to work and ended up taking an hour-long nap on the couch after lunch. Nice.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mommy do it!

Braeden is insistent. He was such a go-with-the-flow baby that it's amazing to see him turn into such a stubborn kid! He knows what he wants and when he wants it. And right now, he's absolutely insistent that mommy has to do just about EVERYTHING. Unless mommy doesn't do what he wants, then he'll start calling for daddy. Or Emmy (is that my friend Emily or Elmo's babysitter Emily?). Either way, I know he's mad at me when he does that.

Lately, mommy has had to be the one to change diapers, to hold him, to put him in his highchair, to get his juice, to do it all. Sometimes he tells Mat to leave us and pushes him away. Poor Mat. He takes it in stride though. And when the day comes that Braeden would rather talk about cars or tractors or some other hideously boring topic, I know I will remember these mommy do it days and wish Braeden was two again!


I spend a lot of time thinking about how I haven't been experiencing much in the way of symptoms yet. Then I spend a lot of time reminding myself that I've only been pregnant for just a few weeks now. It feels like A LOT longer!!

Today, though, I am ravenously hungry. Like eat a special K chocolate bar at 11:00 hungry. Want to go to lunch at 11:30 hungry. Eat a 60-calorie dark chocolate hershey's stick at 11:45 hungry. Down a big glass of water in one big gulp hungry.

I'm waiting for my assistant to get me for lunch; I'm taking her out to honor her for administrative professionals day (a week late, I know).

Why hasn't she come to get me yet???