Monday, May 21, 2007

Funny story

There's this other great mom of one of Braeden's friends at school, Robin. Her daughter Makena is a little bit younger than Braeden, but they've been in the same rooms for their two years. Makena is a beautiful little girl. Very slender and very, very blond and pale. She still LOVES her paccy, like it's permanently attached in her mouth. Robin is pregnant again, due in mid-June and is one of those pregnant women who just looks perfect.

Anyway, Makena cried when Braeden moved up to the two-year old room. The day she moved up, I'm sure she was ecstatic! Most days, Braeden plays with Makena and Alex, one of the other little girls in his room. Today I ran into Robin on campus (she works for one of our vendors). We were talking and she asked if I knew what had happened the other day. I assumed it had to do with Matthew, the thug of our day care. He beats her up, bites her, pulls her hair, and steals her toys. But this story was about Braeden.

I guess it was last week, Braeden stole Makena's paccy out of her mouth and threw it over the gate, just out of reach. Makena was screaming for her paccy, having a total meltdown. I can only imagine how funny Braeden thought this new game was. Apparently fun enough that he did it again yesterday!

I felt terrible. And since Robin and I had already talked about what a bully Matthew is, I was worried Braeden would be heading down that path. But Robin thought it was funny. She's very slowly trying to break Makena of the paccy habit, so Makena isn't even supposed to have the paccy outside.

Today when I went to get Braeden, I saw him running towards the opposite end of their playground. Then I watched him throw a toy over the fence and run back to me. Maybe throwing stuff over the fence will be more fun than eating sand, rocks, or mulch and he'll give that game up for good!

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