Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going to the Doctor

I went in for my first appointment at Wendover OB/GYN Tuesday morning. The visit just so happened to coincide with what I thought was a rough bout of morning sickness. The practice is pretty fantastic. Big, modern, big. When I first arrived, instead of checking in at the front desk, I had to check in using a touch-screen monitor on a stand. There was more than one, just in case 10 people arrived at the same time, I guess.

A few minutes later the woman at the front desk called me up to fill out a form. Then the woman who handles insurance called me back to go over what my insurance would cover and what I owed them. I had to pay a $200 deductible upfront, then $77/month for five months. That covers my portion of the doctor's fees, so after delivery all we need to worry about is the hospital fees. It was nice to get it all taken care of, but a little weird at how much of a science it turned out to be.

After the insurance portion was done, I met with the health educator for 30 minutes. She was nice, but not the liveliest person. We basically went over the history I completed online a couple weeks ago. She gave me a bag of stuff, pamphlets, a book, and info sheets on procedures they'll do over the next months. I have the option of doing an ultrasound at 12 weeks to check for certain abnormalities or a blood screen at 16 weeks to look for the same stuff. Then there's the comprehensive ultrasound at 18 weeks. They do it in house. With a 3-D ultrasound. When I said big and modern, I meant it. My old doctor's office had a crappy, very tiny ultrasound machine that barely showed anything. My last 18-week ultrasound was done at Women's Hospital. This time around I'll have a 3-D ultrasound done at the doctor's office. Absolutely nuts!

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