Monday, June 4, 2007


Just a warning up front...this post is going to get a little graphic!

Saturday when Braeden got up from his nap, Mat asked me if I thought Braeden had been touching his nose more than usual. He's been on a kick recently about picking his nose. I just figured it was standard procedure for a 2 1/2 year old boy, which is what I said to Mat. But Mat, the scientist in the family, thought he had observed an increase in this behavior over the last week or so. We asked Braeden if we could look up his nose (just the beginning of the gross stuff!) and he agreed. Bray very sweetly looked up at the ceiling; we had him sitting on the second stair, so we had a good position to look. Mat saw something. Me, I saw nose, but Mat was convinced he saw something. We gathered our tools--the nasal aspirator, a flashlight, and my eyebrow tweezers--and took another look with better light.

Mat's even more convinced there's something up there, and I'm just as convinced it's just nose. We ask Braeden to lay down on the floor. He agreed, mostly because I'm sure he had no idea what was in store for him next. Mat used the aspirator and sucked something down but not out of Bray's nose. We hit his nose with the light and now I could definitely see something.

"It's corn!" Mat shouted. I was willing to admit there was something, but I was not convinced it was anything that wouldn't normally be found in a nose. Mat kept aspirating, then tried to grab the object with the tweezers. Unfortunately it was too slippery and it slid deeper into his nose. And in case you were wondering what Braeden was doing all this time, he was SCREAMING!

After a couple more minutes of this torture we gave up. Mat said the thing I was thinking which was maybe this called for a trip to the emergency room. As I comforted my screaming kid, we agreed to go to the local urgent care place. Poor Braeden...we'd been telling him he could go to the park that afternoon. He did not understand how we ended up at a boring doctor's office.

We checked in at 4:15 and didn't get past the waiting room until about 6:30. A very nice nurse heard our complaint and checked Bray's vitals. If you ever wondered, he has a blood pressure of 80/60. Apparently that's normal for a kid his age.

At about 7:00 we heard lots of conversation among the doctor and nurses as they searched for a nasal speculum and forceps. This was it! A woman doctor and male nurse came in to our tiny exam room and we put a screaming Braeden on the table. I was responsible for holding his arms over his head which also served to keep his head pretty straight. She looked up his nose and saw the object, then set about extracting it with forceps. It only took about a minute, then it was out.

Turns out Mat was right. It was a kernel of corn! Now then, you're probably wondering how our little Braeden got a corn kernel in his nose...

About a week and a half ago, Bray woke us up in the middle of the night with his crying. When we got up there, we found he'd thrown up in bed. I'm responsible for changing Braeden and quieting him down while Mat takes care of changing the sheet and checking animals for throw-up. I try to spend as little time as possible looking at/smelling the vomit. Apparently, I'd served corn with dinner that night. Mat's theory is that Braeden aspirated corn into his nose when he threw up. So that kernel of corn has been in his nose for more than a week! It didn't seem to affect his breathing or sleeping. There was no loud snoring or funny snuffling to his breathing.

If you read this far, you should probably get a prize. Hopefully the story wasn't too disgusting to share on adorable little Braeden's blog. Oh, and if you were wondering about the state of my tweezers...Mat boiled them for five minutes to sterilize them. Even so, I'm a little grossed out about the idea of using them to pluck wayward eyebrow hairs. Maybe I'll have to treat myself to a new pair!

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