Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I know I didn't get to post my everything is okay post, so here it is.

Everything is okay with the baby still. The ultrasound went really, really well. The point of the ultrasound was to check for birth defects, specifically down syndrome. They measure the nuchal fold on the back of the baby's neck, then pair that measurement with the result of the bloodwork they did a week before the ultrasound to determine the risk of the baby having down syndrome. The result was very, very low so we're not worried about down syndrome. :)

I got some great pictures from the ultrasound, but Mat hasn't had a chance to scan them yet. I'll try to get them up by the end of this week.

What else? Well, Mat got an e-mail from his brother saying he had found this blog and knew our secret. For whatever reason, I thought no one would find the blog. But once Mark admitted he had found it, I started to look for it too. It was much, much too easy to find the blog, so now I'm wondering if anyone else has found the blog and is just keeping quiet about it. If you've found us out, please let me know!

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