Friday, June 8, 2007

On a happier note...

Braeden's moving up to the older twos room. Actually, almost every kid in the younger twos room is moving into the older twos room at the same time. It's one of the nice things about our day care...they tend to move kids in groups so they stick with their friends. Today is their last day in their current room, so they're having a moving up party. We made chocolate chip cookies and Braeden was so happy to carry the bag in this morning. It actually meant that he would walk under his own power into the day care rather than insisting one of us carry him.

Monday morning he'll move into the room next door with Heidi. Braeden already knows Heidi because she's in his current room each morning. And the older twos and younger twos play outside together a lot of the time, so he'll still to get to see his friends who didn't move. Like Makena. Her mom is very upset that Makena will still be in the younger twos room. And I'm sad for Makena that she won't have Braeden around all the time.

We got to school yesterday to pick up and Braeden and Makena was just coming out with her mom Robin. When she saw us, she got this huge grin on her face and pointed at us. I couldn't tell what she said because she had her paccy in her mouth, but I bet it was something like Braeden's mommy. She's such a pretty little girl. I hope she moves up soon so she can be with Braeden again.

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