Thursday, July 12, 2007


Nope, not my weight. That stays between me and the hundred people who work at the doctor's office!

160 beats per minute...that's how fast the baby's heartbeat was yesterday at my check-up. Everything is perfectly normal. Uterus is right where it's supposed to be. Who knew we had to keep such close tabs on where it was...and honestly, where would it go??

I had some blood drawn (sorry, mom, it was no big deal!) as the conclusion to the ultrasound they did looking for defects. They test the blood for something that could show an increased risk of spinabifida. Is that one word or two? And they'll let me know the results when they get them. I'm not worried, just routine.

Next up is the ultrasound.

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Me-ma said...

So happy to read the good news checkup! Thanks for posting. And to know you have 162 days to go is neat too. Get some extra rest this weekend. xxmom