Thursday, July 26, 2007

Baby hijinks

I'm starting to feel kicks more frequently now. Sometimes it feels like the baby has stretched its arms and legs out as far as it can and is holding that position. That's probably my favorite sensation because it lasts a little longer than a quick jab. But I'll take what I can's just nice to know the baby is moving around and getting bigger and stronger.

I've been getting a little bit of heartburn lately. Last night's was bad. It might have been because I ate dinner later than usual. I had a splitting headache when we got home, so I skipped dinner with the boys. I ate pancakes at 8:00 after Braeden went to bed. At least I hope it's just that I ate late and not the crazy pregnancy heartburn setting in already.

Saturday we went to Durham to the Streets at Southpoint to shop at a maternity store. Why isn't there a maternity store here in Burlington?? Women get pregnant in Burlington. And you can't tell me all of them are content to shop at JC Penny's! Anyway, I bought two pairs of maternity pants and I've been wearing them this week. It's really nice to wear pants that don't have a real waistband! So much more comfortable.


ET said...

Doesn't the Old Navy in Burlington have maternity?

Melissa said...

They do, it's just all casual stuff...jeans, cargo capris, tanks. Nothing I can wear to work. Target's pretty much the same way. And both sections practically fit in office they're so small!

Me-ma said...

Do you have a Macy's near you? Loved reading the latest news. Thanks for sharing! Next time I'm in Kingston I'll check out our Macy's for you.