Thursday, July 26, 2007

Big time

I can't believe I haven't posted about Braeden's big boy bed yet...

Two weekends ago we bought a twin bed, box springs, and frame. We took a look at Rooms to Go Kids but didn't see anything we liked. Is it just me or is the furniture at Rooms to Go hideous? The stuff seems so cheap. We would have been fine at the kids place if we wanted to give Braeden a jungle gym bed (with a slide!) or a princess bed. Not our style, besides we want him to understand that beds are for sleeping not playing in the middle of the night.

We settled for the basic set-up and it was delivered a couple days later. Mat stayed home one day to set it up, then we showed it off to Braeden. I tried to take pictures of his first time on the bed but he was too excited to sit still! He LOVES his bed. Last night he called it his cozy bed. Too cute.

We were worried it would be tough for him to adjust, but that first night he did great. He always wakes up a time or two at night and needs one of us to come up and tuck his feet back under his blanket or wipe his non-runny nose. The only difference now is that he can climb out of bed, come to the gate at the top of the stairs and call down to us.

One night I was watching TV and felt like I was the one being watched. I turned around, looked up, and there was Braeden holding his pig. He never said a word, and I have no idea how long he was standing there. It reminded me of our trip to Charleston. The first night we were there, I woke up and felt something behind me. When I rolled over, Braeden was standing right next to the bed holding his dog and staring at me. It would be a little creepy if he weren't such a cute kid!

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Me-ma said...

B getting out of his bed and standing looking at you sounds so much like you getting out of your bed and reading your golden books with your blanket at the top of the stairs in our old house! What a coincidence! Like mother, like son!