Monday, July 16, 2007


There's an old, opened 2-liter bottle of Coke in the kitchen at work. We had a party in early June to celebrate the close of another successful fund raising year. So that bottle of Coke has been open for 6 weeks or more at this point. For some, wine gets better with age. For me, the same can be said for Coke. I LOVE flat soda. My dad and I have argued constantly about this, and he's always accused me of deliberately not tightening the cap on his diet pepsi (guilty!). My friend Lisa and I have had this same debate.

So, anyway, at lunch today I poured myself a cup of Coke to go with my lean cuisine egg roll. (Nothing like the real thing, unfortunately.) After I ate and finished drinking the Coke, I was rounding out my lunch hour reading gossip sites when I felt something. The Coke made the baby kick! I felt four or five very light, but unmistakeable, kicks. And since I know exactly where my uterus is now, I can be 100% certain I was actually feeling the baby and nothing else.

So, all in all, a VERY good day!


ET said...

How exciting!! Keep on kicking, baby P-G!

Me-ma said...

Your father will appreciate the soda comment when he gets a chance to read this entry. And thanks for sharing about the first kicks. Yippee!