Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's about time!

Quite a long time ago, Me Ma and P-Pa bought Braeden a little rain jacket at Sam's Club. She called me very excitedly from the store to ask if a 2T would be too big, what color would I like best, was it okay to buy him the jacket. So, when the jacket arrived, I tried to get Braeden to try it on so we could be sure it would fit. I figured I could take a picture so Me Ma and P-Pa could see it on B. Unfortunately, like he does with every new piece of clothing or shoes, Braeden freaked out about the jacket. When I came near him with it, he would start screaming and crying about how he didn't want to wear it. "No like it!" he would say over and over. If we tried to force it on him, he would struggle, scream, kick, and thrash around on the floor to avoid wearing the jacket. Instead he would only wear his brown fleecy, zip-up jacket Don and Debbie Thorpe had given him for Christmas. Well, finally, the weather got too warm for fleece and we packed that jacket away. And one day, when it was raining, we FINALLY convinced him he had to wear a jacket. This jacket. We got it on him, and he wore it all day while running errands. He even looks happy to have it on in this picture! And as you can see, it should fit him for a while. He'll be wearing it next fall as it starts to cool down.

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