Thursday, July 26, 2007

Trip down memory lane

Remember this picture? Braeden and some of his friends were going for a walk around the day care one day and I just happened to be there to snap the picture with my camera phone. Braeden's sitting in the front with Matthew. Behind Braeden is Hudson who no longer goes to our day care. I took this in September 2005, so Braeden was nine months old.

The other day I went to pick him up at school (we don't call it day care anymore). The stroller was sitting just outside the front door and Braeden insisted on getting in. I couldn't help but take a picture to capture the moment. He's so big now and you can just see so much of his personality now.


Emily said...

it's hard to remember braeden as a baby now! he's such a big boy!
(and, of COURSE i remembered that pic!)

Me-ma said...

I remember loving that photo of B and Hudson in the stroller. First of all, it made Braeden look so sharp and smart and second of all it made us realize that he has stuff he does all the time and without your photos and comments we wouldn't know about half of it. Thanks for the reminder!