Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cute, cozy, and cuddly

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the clothes I bought at Carter's last week. I think I loved them even more when I got them out of the baby's closet and laid them out on the futon.

These first three outfits are all made from the softest fleece you can imagine. The polka dot jumper has giraffe faces on the feet. The middle outfit is a brown jacket with polka dots and a hood and white fleece pants. That third jumper reminds me of a rugby shirt (and that reminds me of the serious J. Crew phase I went through in high school).

These next two are teddy bear-themed outfits. The brown jumper is a bumpy fleece with a hood complete with bear ears. And check out the feet of the jumper--paw prints! The other is a three piece outfit in cream with tiny bears, a short sleeved shirt and a long sleeve shirt. ADORABLE!

And finally I thought I would include a photo of the nursery in its current state. Previously known as the second bedroom, the room holds our futon, an old rocking chair with a broken seat (seriously, mom, what should I do with it??), our old coffee table, and now the crib. Four white walls with beige carpet and beige curtains...not cute. So, I'm open to suggestions. So far, I haven't seen any baby bedding I like or had any inspiration on color.


ET said...

such cute clothes!! i can't wait to see baby p-g i them! We can dress our kids in the polka dotted outfits on the same day.. hehe

Me-ma said...

We loved all those new clothes. Baby has quite a nice new wardrobe! He'll look especially cute in the brown fuzzy suit! And the ultrasound photos were incredible. The 2nd one looks just like we imagine him! Thanks. xxx

DianeInOz said...

Talk about out of the loop! I had no idea! Congratulations, how exciting!