Monday, August 6, 2007

Too cute

I'm the first one to admit that I've had issues since day one with our day's not that I worry about Braeden while he's there because I think the care is top-notch. But there are things that bug me. There's one woman in particular, actually, who moved out of the baby room and into the three-year-old room. I'm hoping she moves again before Braeden has to move up to that room. But leaving her aside, Friday the teachers in the two-year-old rooms did the sweetest thing for us parents.

When I picked Braeden up that afternoon the teacher gave me a CD with his name on it. Later that night I popped it into my computer and found that it was full of pictures of Braeden and a powerpoint slideshow of all the kids in both two-year-old rooms. Each kid got a few minutes of screen time and at the end, they included pictures of the kids enjoying the everyday stuff--popsicles, water play, etc. I thought I'd post a couple of my favorite pictures here so everyone could enjoy them like Mat and I did!

Hopefully this isn't a sign that Braeden will be into basketball when he grows up!

I love how sullen he looks in this photo.

On days they eat popsicles, Braeden is a sticky disgusting mess when we pick him up. It's nice to see how cute he is actually eating the popsicle, rather than just dealing with its sticky aftermath!

Every Thursday, the kids have water play day. We take in a swimmie diaper, swimmie trunks, and a towel.

Now that we know the kids lay out in the sun on their towels to dry off after water play day, we feel terrible that we've been sending Braeden with such a tiny towel. From now on, that kid gets a full-sized towel for water play day!

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Me-ma said...

Oh my, that's hysterical about the towel. I guess parents have things to learn too!